Queen Yenn’s 30- Day Wellness Overhaul & Weight Release Challenge


30 Days of  Unlearning, Relearning, and Tranforming how we Care for our Bodies


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Participants Receive:

  • 7 Engaging, Enlightening, and Empowering Live Zoom Calls with Queen Yenn
  • An abundance of resources that will contribute to your success
  • Access to Group Chat for Daily Inspiration
  • Discounts on Wellness Coaching Sessions with Queen Yenn
  • AND the life regenerating boost you need to experience swift and sustainable results.

It's time that you allow that BEST YOU to shine through!


The next challenge begins July 3, 2022.

During this challenge, you will…

  • discuss the various causes of the decline in our wellness and weight gain 
  • hear about what has worked for me on my continued journey to optimal wellness and the release of 60+ pounds and 35+ inches
  • learn how emotional baggage contributes to the baggage stored in and on our bodies
  • unlearn and relearn key understandings about the body and the foundational principals of wellness  
  • have access to resources and support that will help you begin to create a lifestyle that will naturally kick the weight and get on with LIVING! 

Keep reading and learn more about the contest below! 


Not convinced yet?

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You Can Achieve More than You May Imagine in Just 30 Days!

Of course everyone is different, but 30 days is typically long enough to help you create new habits, and/or break those habits that my be contributing to emotional and physical weight gain.  

During this challenge you will begin to establish long-term lifestyle changes that will help you release unwanted emotional and physical weight and live a more vibrant life. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the root cause(s) of emotional and physical imbalances 
  • Handle emotional and environmental triggers.
  • Establish and begin to practice routines and rituals that support a healthier emotional and physical state of being.
  • Maintain a healthier more vibrant lifestyle.

Truly "once we know better, we indeed do better," and the chances of "doing better" are even greater when you have the support you need to stay the course!

The next challenge begins July 3, 2022.


What's Included In The Challenge...

Live Sessions with Queen Yenn each Week

The Lives with Queen Yenn are meant to be engaging, educational, and empowering. You will leave each session feeling:

  • Inspired
  • Prepared
  • and Supported! 

Each session will begin with a check-in and safe space to share your experiences, and conclude with take-aways that will contribute to your victory!

Access to the Robust "Wellness Resource Bank"

On my weight release journey I have learned quite a bit and I enjoy sharing what I have learned and experienced with those who are ready to hear it! This "Bank" includes:

  • Practical and Effective Wellness Tips and Strategies
  • Essential Information that is Easy to Understand and Apply
  • Resources that will Assist with Emotional and Physical Weight Release
  • Workouts Suitable for all Levels

It is my mission to provide practical, easy-to-understand and apply information.

Access to the Weight Release Challenge Group Chat

One of the known secrets  to success with pretty much anything we do is SUPPORT. Being a part of this Group Chat will provide:

  • Daily inspiration and encouragement
  • A safe space to share your victories and challenges as we are on this journey
  • A community of like-minded, singly focused individuals to walk alongside you 

You won't have just 1 or 2 accountability partners, you will have a whole village alongside you, and ME, one of the greatest cheerleaders to walk this land! LOL you betta ask somebody!

Discount on Wellness Consultations & Coaching

During these sessions you will have the opportunity to discuss:

  • The challenges you are facing with your weight and wellness 

  • What may be causing the weight gain or decline in wellness 

  •  and of course solutions

Leave this session with more insight, encouragement and a plan!

The next challenge begins July 3, 2022.

This Challenge Is For You If...

  • You are ready to release unwanted emotional and/or physical weight
  • You desire to establish a more healthy vibrant way of living
  • You dream of living a more vibrant lighter life
  • You want to increase your quality of thinking and living!

 A Little about Me 

My name is Yennenga Adanya m.k.a. Queen Yenn. I am the founder of Oyun LLC, a membership-based personal growth and development organization known by many as Oyun Ministries. For years I struggled on and off with emotional and physical weight. For a long time I deeply desired to live a more healthy, LIGHTER life!  

Over years of self and formal studies I have learned a great deal in regards to achieving spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. I have experienced a total shift in mindset regarding wellness and have achieved the release of 65 lbs to date and a great deal of emotional weight that I had been carrying for YEARS!

It is my mission now to use what I've learned and experienced on my journey to educate and inspire people just like you to push through and achieve your holistic wellness goals. During this challenge I will share with you what I have found to be most effective in releasing the unwanted weight from my heart and body, AND how we can KEEP IT OFF!  

"I love how down to earth and relatable Queen Yenn is, and she's a masterful teacher."


"Queen Yenn just has a way of making you feel like you can do ANYTHING, and not just feel it but truly believe it."

"Queen Yenn has been a big inspiration to me in my life. I have watched her on her journey and she is really showing us that it can be done. "










Queen Yenn’s 30-Day Wellness Overhaul & Weight Release Challenge


ONLY $99

That's only $3.33 per day!


Don't allow your mind to talk you out of it. Stop putting it off. You deserve this. You deserve to not just live, but THRIVE. 

The next challenge begins July 3, 2022.